Get involved! NEA’s (National Education Association) Read Across America Day is a nationwide reading celebration that takes place annually on March 2nd-Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Across the country, thousands of schools, libraries, and community centers participate by bringing together children and books, and you can too!

Join our project by reading “Oh, The Pets You Can Get !
by Dr. Seuss or another book about pets.  Then try one or more of our related activities!

Complete our Parent Survey  by April 4th and the first 10 children will receive a FREE Book.  All will receive a book mark and an I Love Reading bracelet!
CLICK HERE for a YOUTUBE video of a partial reading of the book!!!

OTHER  books about animals that can be pets: 


In What Pet Should I Get? by Dr. Seuss, a Yent might have been the perfect
pet for Kay and her brother, if only they’d had a tent. Or if the siblings’
house wasn’t so small, a thing on a string might have been the best pet
of all.  All pets have certain requirements that pet owners must meet to keep their
animal friends safe, healthy, and happy. Help children understand this by
having them create a fantastic new pet of their own.  Have your child draw a picture of their new pet and have them tell you all about it and how they will need to care for it.  Instead of drawing the new pet, have your child create one using recycled materials such as egg cartons, yogurt cups, straws, paper towel tubes, etc.
2.  Animal Shelters- What Pet Would You Get?
With so many animals in need of homes, the publisher’s note in What Pet Should I Get? advocates for adopting pets from animal shelters rather than buying them in pet stores. Shelters, which care for and place homeless animals, need support to do their important work. Ask kids to imagine how they might help raise awareness about animals in need. Investigate what animal shelters are near you and find out if there are any items you could donate. Many shelters take old towels and blankets, dog/cat food that your pet doesn’t like, or kitty litter.
Draw a pet that you would adopt from a shelter.   CLiCK HERE  for a template you can print out to draw your pet on!
 3.  Art Project: Bird in a Cage!
Click Here for the directions
Reading to nonjudgmental, specially trained therapy dogs has been shown to help children improve literacy skills and boost self-esteem. Get your child in on the read aloud action and find a place where your child can read to a therapy dog. The E. Bridgewater and Middleboro Public Libraries have programs where you can sign up to read to a dog. Click on the respective links below. If you are unable to find a place try having your child read to their real pet or a stuffed animal.
  Middleboro Public Library…..scroll through calendar and look under Thursdays
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
by Dr. Seuss
 After reading the book “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue
 Fish” by Dr. Seuss make this fishy art project by tracing your
 child’s hand and having them cut it out and glue it to paper. Your child can then add fish details.  You or your child can write the corresponding fish name next to the cutout.

                                             One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish    6.  SNACK ACTIVITY

Simply start with a box of blue Jell-O…..

and divide into four clear plastic cups.
(The fish have to have a place to swim!)

After the Jell-O has set, have the kids add their own fish! (Swedish Fish, that is!)

7.  Make an Itsy Bitsy Pets Book
CLICK HERE to get the template
CLICK HERE to get the directions
8. What Pet Should I Get Guessing Game
What you will need:

Book “What Pet Should I Get” by Dr. Seuss or another pet book

  • A wipes container or box
  • Some decorative items for your feeley box
  • Play plastic animals
Make a feeley box out of a wipes container or another container or box. After reading the book “What Pet Should I Get?” lay out the animals and talk about their different features (tails, big ears, fur) and if they’d make a good or bad pet.
Next, take all the animals out of sight and hide only one of them inside the feeley box container. Let your child feel around and decide which pet they think is hiding inside!
For additional activities check out the Dr. Seuss or pinterest website below!
   “I Have A Pet” Song on YouTube

Dr. Seuss Website (tons of games and activities)
NEA Resources for Parents
(Great handout for teachers to send home!)
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