Brain Building in Progress

homeThe Brain Building in Progress mission is to raise awareness of the critical importance of fostering the cognitive, social and emotional development of young children by emphasizing its future impact on economic development and prosperity for everyone in Massachusetts. We welcome the business, education, and policy-making communities, as well as members of the media to be part of this crucial venture. By giving a strong start to our youngest citizens, we create a stronger, more prosperous future for all.


Whenever you see children interacting and learning in enriching environments, what you’re really seeing is brain building in progress. The latest science shows parentingthat these early experiences actually build the architecture of the developing brain; much like a house is built from the bottom up. Each sequential step lays the groundwork for the next set of skills — like reading and math — and a lifetime of learning, success and productive, responsible citizenship.  Brain building is an investment that yields high returns. An investment in the economic prosperity of everyone in Massachusetts. Learn about the science of brain building and why our future depends on it.  In Massachusetts, families have many partners. The most valuable are the educators, caregivers and after school and summer programs that you choose during the first five years and beyond.


bbip zonesWhat’s the most important thing we can all do? Have an engaging interaction with a young child. Read a book with a toddler and have a conversation about it. Play peek-a-boo with a baby. Or, take the time to be completely fascinated by the artwork of a young neighbor, niece or nephew. Get down to their level. Look them in the eye. And really, really listen. Every interactive experience that an adult has with a young child creates valuable connections that permanently wire the architecture of an amazing work in progress. All of us are brain builders.  In homes and schools, summer camps and family child care, supermarkets and subways, this kind of brain building is happening throughout Massachusetts. But we need your help to bring it to more children.

Before the age of three, the human brain develops more rapidly than at any other time in life.  Young children’s brains develop 700 synapses (neural connections that transmit information) every second.


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