ParentChild+ is an evidence-based school readiness model that preempts the achievement gap by providing young children and their parents with learning tools and skills. The program is based on these four pillars:

Reaching families where they are:

Families with young children receive 92 twice-weekly 30-minute visits to support healthy development and educational success.

Building trust:

Our nationwide network of program sites hires community-based Early Learning Specialists who share a linguistic and cultural background with the families with whom they work.

Promoting parent-child interaction:

Early Learning Specialists provide families with high quality learning tools and guidance to stimulate parent-child interaction, develop language, early literacy, social-emotional skills, and build school readiness.

Facilitating strong community connections:

Early Learning Specialists become trusted advisors, connecting families and home-based providers to other community resources including food, housing, medical, and educational services.

The Self Help Inc Parent Child Plus programs serves families from: Randolph, Holbrook and Rockland (please note: we are sometimes able to serve other families within the CFCE catchment area, is the need has been met in our target communities)

What is ParentChild+?

  • It provides your child with a free high- quality book or educational toy each week -at least 46 new books and toys!
  • A trained community-based Early Learning Specialist will visit your home twice a week for 30 minutes to help you get your child ready for school.
  • You will learn creative ways to read and play with your child.
  • It helps you prepare your child to be successful in school.
  • This program is for families with a child ages 16 months-3 years’ old

If you are interested in participating in this AWESOME new program and you reside in either Holbrook, Rockland or Randolph please contact:  Gina McGarrigle at 508-559-1666 ext 1814 or email her at

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