Ages & Stages Questionnaire

ages & stages kidsIf you have ever had concerns about your child’s development, or you are just interested in getting a better idea on how your child is developing, you are not alone. Whether you’re worried about your child’s use of language, ability to relate to others, or any other developmental concerns, your child relies on you to share your observations with those who can help. Having occasional concerns is a natural part of parenting. But when these concerns persist, it’s time to take action.

Parents may not be child development specialists, but they are the experts on their child—and research has shown that parents’ concerns are accurate predictors of developmental delays. If you have a concern about your child’s development, trust your instincts.

Even if it turns out that your child is experiencing a typical variation in his or her individual development, it’s better to be sure. The best thing you can do is raise your concern with a professional who is familiar with child development.

Studies have shown that effective, early intervention can make a dramatic difference in the lives of children. Many parents’ concerns are not validated until their child starts school, when learning difficulties begin to become apparent. Better to check early when your child can reap the benefits of early intervention.

Because developmental and social-emotional delays can be subtle and can occur in children who appear to be developing typically, most children who would benefit from early intervention are not identified until after they start school. Even pediatricians, the child health specialists, fail to detect delays more than 70% of the time when they rely on clinical judgment alone.

Even if you don’t have concerns, completing the Ages and Stages questionnaires can help affirm that you are doing all you can to support your child’s development!!!!  Take the ASQ-3 (overall development) and/or the ASQ:SE-2 (social emotional development).

*****PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a Southeastern Massachusetts resident and would like to complete an ASQ Questionnaire online, please email us, and we will email you the link!!
OR You can complete the ASQ Consent Online HERE
 and Download the Monitoring Request Form HERE


If you are NOT a MA Resident and you would like to complete and ASQ Questionnaire, you must contact your LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT OR COMMUNITY SERVICE PROGRAM TO OBTAIN THE ONLINE ASQ LINK FOR YOUR TOWN/DISTRICT

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