Council Meeting Dates, Zoom links and Topics

Thank you for your interest in the Advisory Council for Self Help Inc. CFCE. For our Fiscal Year 2024 we will have five scheduled Zoom meetings. Please see dates, times, and links to register below. If you have any questions, please contact Jen Moriarty at  


Tuesday, October 17              10:30 AM                    Click HERE to register 

Special Topic: Influx of refugees to our region and its impact on our local agencies. What do we need to know? How can we help? What does this mean for CFCE families?  



Tuesday, December 12           6:30 PM                       Click HERE to register 

Special Topic: Promoting self-care for resiliency. For parents/caregivers, children, colleagues, and self. How does this help CFCE families?   



Tuesday, February 13             10:30 AM                    Click HERE to register 

Special Topic: Incorporating diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in meaningful ways in our organizations. What does this look like for CFCE families?   



*Tentatively set for Tuesday, April 30        10:30 AM          Click HERE to register

*Final date will be confirmed when the grant renewal date is set. This meeting includes a discussion of the FY2025 budget. 

Special Topic: Free trainings that are available for people involved in early education; parents, caregivers, educators, agency staff, etc.



Tuesday, 11                             6:30 PM                       Click HERE to register 

Special Topic: Childcare desert. How can we help support those who need (but can’t get access to) childcare and those who provide childcare?  

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