Is Your child eligible to Start Kindergarten in the Fall of 2018? Check out our GREAT Resources to help you and you child get READY!!

kindergarten here i comeThe transition between preschool and kindergarten is a major step in a young child’s life. It can also be an anxious time for many preschoolers and their parents. Most experts agree that in order for your child to have a successful kindergarten year they need to be prepared!


Beginning this process early can make the transition easier. Many of you may have preschoolers who will be moving up into kindergarten this year and who will  need to be prepared for this next step in their lives. Beginning the preparation for this important milestone early on will make the transition more manageable.


In order to help this transition we have created and compiled a variety of resources for you to use.  We hope that you find them informative and helpful 🙂
  1. SELF HELP INC. CFCE-KINDERGARTEN READINESS PLAYGROUPS: These groups are held in the local communities at familiar sites for families (public libraries, schools, childcare programs etc.) We believe that beginning the preparation for this important milestone early on will make the transition more manageable, and we hope to help you along the way!
  3. KINDERGARTEN READINESS ACTIVITY SHEETS: (provided by Boston Children’s Museum, Dept of Early Education and Care and Brain Building in Progress)
  4. KINDERGARTEN HERE WE COME-CALENDAR includes information on Phonemic Awareness, Math Concepts, Checklists, Helpful Tips, Book List, and many activities that will support you and your child’s transition into kindergarten.
  5. Kindergarten Lending Library
  6. Walk Safety Rules
  7. Increase Your Child’s Pedestrian Safety
  8. Bike Safety Rules
  9. Bike Safety
  10. School Bus Safety Rules
  11. Tips to Increase Bus Safety
  12. Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten
  13. Activities to Get Ready for Kindergarten
  14. School Bus Safety Activity Book
  15. Chuggington Safety Website-games, information, activities

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