December ONLINE Silly Science and Mystical Math Activity

CURIOSITY is a delicate little plant which, aside from stimulation, stands mainly in need of FREEDOM.
– Albert Einstein
December is a busy month for everyone and especially at the Self Help Inc./CFCE office. This month we thought it would be fun to offer 2 online activities for Silly Science and Mystical Math that you can do at home.  One is for preschool (3-5 years) and one for school age children (K-4th grade).

i-am-a-scientist-picPRESCHOOL SILLY SCIENCE ONLINE ACTIVITY: Download and Print the I AM A SCIENTIST BOOK….Complete 1 or ALL of the pages in the book! When you are done make sure you come back and complete the SILLY SCIENCE PARTICIPATION SURVEY to receive a SPECIAL SURPRISE IN JANUARY!!

lunar-cycle-activity-decSCHOOLAGE SILLY SCIENCE ONLINE ACTIVITY: Download and Print the  Lunar Cycle Activity Book. Observe, draw and describe the moon over 29 days…..when you are done make sure you come back and complete the SILLY SCIENCE PARTICIPATION SURVEY to receive a SPECIAL SURPRISE IN JANUARY!!


Please make sure that you let us know that you participated in the activity by completing SILLY SCIENCE PARTICIPATION SURVEY  and in January your child will receive a special surprise.


Enjoy the holidays and thank you for your support throughout the year. We will see you in January!
Ms. Marsha
Ms. Gina

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