Staff Directory

Phone:  508-559-1666

Jonathan R. Carlson
Self Help Inc. Executive Directorx1801

Mary Donnellan, MA
CFCE Directorx1808

Michele Davidson, M.E.d
CFCE Coordinator/Literacy Outreachx1810

Leslie Dunn, MA
Developmental and Educational Psychology

CFCE Coordinator/Grant Support Specialistx1809

Carol Carver, BA
Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Support Specialist
Director II Certified through EEC

Gina McGarrigle, BS
Human Development & Family Services
Parent Support Educational Specialist
Teacher Qualified through EEC
Family Development Credential

Karen Mitchell, AA
Parent Support/Family Literacy Specialist
Family Development Credential

Marsha Wright, M.E.d
Parent Child Educational/Disabilities Specialist
Director II Certified through EEC
Federation of Special Needs Trained Advocate

Leslie Reilly
Parent Child Educational Specialist

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