Online Silly Science and Mystical Math

steamSilly Science and Mystical Math is going online and at-home!  The goal of this STEAM Program  is to allow parents and children the opportunity to engage in a variety of STEAM activities at home with their children, to help develop your child’s curiosity,  creativity and problem solving skills!!


What is STEAM?  This stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Mathematics.


Why is STEAM important?  By the time your child enters the workforce, 65 % of the jobs that will be available don’t even exist today.  You are preparing your children for a world that doesn’t exist yet…for technologies that are not invented.


How do you prepare your child for a world that doesn’t exist yet?   Encouraging your child’s natural curiosity and talents through STEAM activities helps your child learn:
  • how to persevere
  • how to learn from failure and still try again
  • how to re-evaluate, redesign and re-think a problem to create a unique and inventive solution.
All of these skills (among many more) are learned through STEAM activities.

steve jobs stem quote Anything is possible with STEAM-filled kids. 

Many times parents feel that STEAM activities may be too difficult, too messy and just too much!  It is our hope that by providing you this opportunity to engage in some simple experiments and activities at-home, parents and their children will see that STEAM is part of everything we do with our kids!  Some activities may be messy….but that is MOST of the FUN!!  All activities will require adult supervision and help……some may be adaptable for younger ages….but typically the activities are geared for preschool-school-age.


For October, November and December we will offer several activities you can do at home.  Some of these include experiments and activities such as:





Once you REGISTER you will receive an email outlining the activities to do!   You can choose 1 or choose all of them….. don’t be shy….the GREAT THING ABOUT STEAM….is that you can always learn something, even if the experiment or activity does not come out as expected!!!




In order to document all of our Young Scientists at work…..we would love for you to take some pictures and complete a Observation Sheet….then you can mail/email them in to us!  Specific instructions will be provided via email once you have registered!


Think, Draw and Write MONTHLY Online Project @ online and mail-in activity

@ Anytime-each month

please check our calendar for the story starter each month at 

This at-home activity can be obtained online for families to do together. Each month they are given a different concept to think about and then write about along with an illustration!!! 

Creative, imaginative writing fun for school-aged children and siblings…and you get a FREE surprise each month you participate!  For more information and to Register, please email or call Carol Carver at 508-559-1666 x1811,  CHECK OUT THE AMAZING WORK FROM THE KIDS WHO PARTICIPATED IN 2015-2016 BY CLICKING HERE!  If you can, please mail of copy of this picture to me so I can hang it up on our CREATIVITY Wall at Self Help Inc./CFCE, 780 West Main Street, Avon, MA 02322.  If you register to do this activity each month, I will send you some self-addressed stamped envelopes to help with the mailing.  CATEGORIES: SCHOOL AGE TAGS: Carol

STEAM @ At Home @ anytime 

We are offering an online activity for families to participate in with their children.  Choose any of the fun science activities from the links (will be sent in the confirmation email, once you register), then print and mail the observation sheet back to us. You may also email the observation sheet.



A to Z Activities Online Project @ online and mail-in activity

@ Anytime-each month

please view on our calendar each month at 

A to Z Activities are for School-Age Kids and Parents to Enjoy Together at home,in their community and OUTDOORS!!! You MUST REGISTER to participate-once you register with parent’s name, child’s name(s), address and email you will automatically receive the activities twice a month…..thank you!!!

These at-home activities will be two alphabet letter activities each month- depending of when you start your registration. After you receive the monthly email directions for each letter, have a great time doing the activity together- creating great opportunities for you and your child(ren) to have some FUN, quality time together!!!

Then the way to complete these activities is to have your child draw a picture OR a photo picture of the family doing the letter activity along with a brief story description about what happened and their favorite part!!! Send it via mail or email to Carol Carver. Each time you complete an alphabet activity with this participation, your name will be entered into a quarterly drawing to win some really cool raffles!!!

REGISTER with Carol Carver at, for this activity and you will receive, by email, the letter activity we are on for that month…. that is when you will get the directions for the FUN to begin!!

780 West Main Street, Avon, MA 02322


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