Help CFCE bring our communities a ‘Night of Optimism’ with the Life is Good Kids Foundation….APRIL 4TH, 2019

Self Help Inc.’s Coordinated Family and Community Engagement Program is planning a parent event for April 4th, 2019 which will kick off our Brain Building In Progress Week.

We have been lucky enough to have secured an inspirational speaker from the “Life Is Good” Kids Foundation.  Steve Gross is the Founder and Chief Playmaker of the LIFE IS GOOD PLAYMAKERS-The Signature Program of the Kids Foundation.  Steve is a clinical social worker and a pioneer in the field of using playful engagement and relationships to overcome the devastating impact of early childhood trauma.  Steve’s talents have been called upon to respond to some of the greatest catastrophes of our time. At the heart of his work, Steve helps others discover the power of optimism so that they can build resilience and bring greater joy, connection, courage and creativity to their lives.

From the Self Help Inc. CFCE’s most recent Community Needs Assessment, we found there was a high need for support for families around trauma and anxiety.  Everyone encounters stress in their lives at some point and this presentation will focus on the “Power of Optimism” and how you can transform your life and overcome challenges!  It will include some hands-on strategies for parents/caregivers to use with their children.  We are also planning to have a dinner and some great raffles from the “Life is Good” Kids Foundation and other Donors.   This will be a parents’ night out to re-energize and learn about the Power of OPTIMISM, JOY and PLAY!  This evening will be provided at no cost to parents/caregivers!

Would you be interested in partnering with us and helping sponsor this great event?!  If so, please complete our Life is Good-Night of Optimism Event Form, by CLICKING HERE

Even if you are not able to sponsor the event in part…..we would love for your agency to attend and have an informational table and to get the information on the event out to the families you work with!   Please complete the Life is Good-Night of Optimism Event Form, by CLICKING HERE  to let us know if you are interested in having a table, providing information on your programs, raffle or whatever else!

This event will NOT be able to happen without support from our community partners.

All donations will be used to support the event!

We are looking to get as many parents/caregivers to the event as we can fit! 
Registration is now open for those parents/caregivers that want to attend the event!  Space is limited so REGISTER today by clicking the image below!  Don’t forget to share with your families, clients, employees and friends! For more information please visit or to register, click image below

For more information on the Life is Good Kids Foundation, please visit:

Any questions, please contact:

Leslie Dunn, CFCE Director at or call 508-559-1666 x1809 OR

Michele Davidson, CFCE Coordinator at  or call 508-559-1666 x1810

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