Full STEAM Ahead Monthly Online Activity

FULL STEAM AHEAD…. is a NEW monthly  ‘at-home’ activity coordinated by Leslie Dunn at Self Help Inc CFCE.   The goal is to allow parents and children the opportunity to engage in a variety of STEAM activities at home with their children, to help develop your child’s curiosity,  creativity and problem solving skills!!


What is STEAM?  This stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Mathematics.


Why is STEAM important?  By the time your child enters the workforce, 65 % of the jobs that will be available don’t even exist today.  You are preparing your children for a world that doesn’t exist yet…for technologies that are not invented.


How do you prepare your child for a world that doesn’t exist yet?   Encouraging your child’s natural curiosity and talents through STEAM activities helps your child learn:
  • how to persevere
  • how to learn from failure and still try again
  • how to re-evaluate, redesign and re-think a problem to create a unique and inventive solution.
All of these skills (among many more) are learned through STEAM activities.

steve jobs stem quote Anything is possible with STEAM-filled kids. 


Many times parents feel that STEAM activities may be too difficult, too messy and just too much!  It is our hope that by providing you a monthly opportunity to engage in some simple experiments and activities parents and their children will see that STEAM is part of everything we do with our kids!  Some activities may be messy….but that is MOST of the FUN!!  All activities will require adult supervision and help……some may be adaptable for younger ages….but typically the activities are geared for preschool-school-age.


Each month there will be a different FULL STEAM AHEAD activity to do at home! Once you REGISTER you will receive a monthly email outlining the upcoming month’s activity!   You do not have to participate each month,  but may pic and choose the activities that interest you the most….but don’t be shy….the GREAT THING ABOUT STEAM….is that you can always learn something, even if the experiment or activity does not come out as expected!!!




In order to document all of our Young Scientists at work…..we would love for you to take some pictures and then you can upload them at:  http://selfhelpcpc.org/our-programs/for-families/steam/fsaupload/


The amazing pictures of our young scientists work will be posted each month 🙂

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