Seasonal Nature Collection Table : Summer

July 21, 2018 @ 12:21 pm – 1:21 pm
at home
Carol Carver
5085591666 ext. 1811
Seasonal Nature Collection Table : Summer @ at home

Families email CFCE ,,,Carol above….to express an interest in the at home/online parent-child activity called….Seasonal Nature Collection Table for Home.  

CFCE staff will email you suggested ideas of what to do , mostly outdoor activities, with their child in that particular season, along with a list of nature items to collect, and then a craft  idea to create  by using them !!  Take pictures of an activity outdoors , things you collected or the craft you created  and email them to Carol at CFCE and she will then mail/or give your child a surprise to continue to explore and discover the many wonders in nature together!!!!

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